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Thursday Tapestry: Poetry, Professional pivots, and Preparing for the Next Mountain

#Throwback Mount Kilimanjaro, December 2022. Hoping for a similar "room with a view" on my next mountain adventure! Where am I headed? Dive into the newsletter to find out!

I'm incredibly grateful to see so many people enjoying this unexpected surprise in their inbox. It perfectly encapsulates the kaleidoscope of my life, much like this newsletter! So without further ado…


A Quote I'm Pondering…

From The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran, “Work is love made visible."  I've been burning the midnight oil of late and this is a beautiful reminder to keep pouring my heart into it. There is nobility in the work that we do. Read the full poem here.


It's Not All About You

The truth is, decisions we make affect those around us. When it involves a significant professional pivot, managing the expectations of well-meaning friends and family compounds the challenge. This thoughtful piece in the Harvard Business Review, "Reinventing Your Career - When It's Not Just About You" suggests a two-pronged approach to navigating this critical juncture. Check it out.


The Elephants in the Room

From the uncertainties of corporate restructuring to the desire for purpose-driven encore careers, if you've ever pondered what lies beyond the corporate treadmill, or how to sustain a fulfilling lifestyle in your 'retirement' years, please share your thoughts on this!


A Dash of Humor

I'm starting to make plans for Everest Base Camp at the end of the year (now you know...) and this absolutely resonates! It also makes a serious point that every Herculean task can be broken down into smaller steps. And, let's not forget to hit pause to celebrate small victories along the way!

That's a wrap for this month! Looking forward to our next rendezvous with even more insights, stories, and of course, a sprinkle of smiles. Until then, stay tuned and keep those chuckles ready!


If these snippets have added a bit of sparkle to your day, feel free to share this with someone who might appreciate it. 


P.S. Your feedback is the secret sauce that makes this newsletter shine, so don't hold back – hit that reply button and let your thoughts flow!


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