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Please feel free to check out the free articles, videos, and podcasts below that I have contributed to. They range from Amazon bestsellers to business journals, and cover a spectrum of topics such as the future of work, careers, governance, and human capital.


I'm also working on a book! The Reinventor's Roadmap: Your Ultimate Guide to "What's Next?" will showcase the paths taken by corporate leaders around the world who have successfully reinvented themselves, and help you craft your personal reinvention journey.


Future of Work

Work Has Changed PDF Cover


How can boards help their companies eliminate out-of-date methods of organizing and running a business? How can companies navigate the disruption to the talent pool, and build supportive corporate cultures when individuals are physically isolated?

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Cliffhanger Book Cover

Explore how technology is revolutionising the workplace, and how you can adjust your workforce to remain future-ready and be ahead of the curve.

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Fast Forward 2030 by CBRE PDF Copy


Read about worldwide trends that will impact business, evolve work practices and continue to revolutionise how, when, and where work happens in 2030 and beyond, in this study conducted  with 220 experts, business leaders and young people. 

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The Future of Technology PDF Copy Image


Read about the trends of technology,  learn about the shifts towards consumer electronics, and what to expect of the next big technological invention, which includes robotics and AI.

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Future of Work


Unleash Your Voice Book Cover

Learn to be a more powerful speaker in this practical guide, written by women, for women. Use this book to take your career and voice to the next level.

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How to Get, Grow and Succeed in your Dream Job Book Cover

Get simple tips and techniques to pursue your Dream Job and be super-sucessful, from the greatest CEO’s, HR Leaders and Executive Search leaders in business.

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What Next? PDF Cover


How do corporate leaders cope when stepping down, from loss of status to finding a new purpose in life? Here, five former CEOs share their perspectives.

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19 articles. tohelp you succeed during Covid-19 Book Cover

A collection of 19 short articles written by members of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore, inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, that aims to offer help, ideas, comfort, perspective, solutions, or just a friendly word.

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Speaking with the board PDF Cover


The “Speaking with the Boards” supplement celebrates the success of gender-diverse boards and the contributions of women board directors in Singapore.

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Combating Gender Stereotypes in the Boardroom: Some women directors feel that they face the challenge of being gender stereotyped in the boardroom.

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Women on Board Book Cover

Politically engaged and socially resilient, read about 24 women and their directorship journeys, and discover their diverse range of talents and interests featured in this book.

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Singapore’s top women leaders shed light on the gender gap, by addressing five central themes that can help move the ASEAN region closer to workplace equality and navigate the burden of caregiving responsibilities.

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Diversity and Inclusion

The Reinventor's Roadmap

Have you reached the pinnacle of your profession, and are you contemplating what's next? What does it take to reinvent yourself and transition from success to significance?

Maybe you’ve always had an unfulfilled childhood dream, or want to explore a new calling in life. Perhaps you feel that this is the season to take on new challenges and broaden your horizons. Or you’ve found your career trajectory affected by the Coronavirus.
This is a step-by-step guide to designing your reinvention journey. Sign up and be the first to get updates!

Reinventor's Roadmap Advance Book Image



Collective Wisdom PDF Cover


Learn about sense-making skills, workforce planning, recruitment, pay and bonuses, and more, in this compendium of 10 briefs penned by thought leaders from The Advisors Collective, a network of independent boutique consulting firms.

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Aimed especially at Singapore-listed companies, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the regulatory and practical aspects of the responsibilities and challenges faced by the RC Chairman and members.

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Remuneration Committee Guide Book Cover


This report contains findings and recommendations of the salaries of the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and various political appointment holders as well as interviews with some past and present appointment holders and MPs.

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This report explores the future skills and talent needs, and the management and development practices, in Singapore into 2030, by systematically testing possible future scenarios arising from the current approaches to human capital management.

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The Executive Board Chair PDF Cover


The role of the Executive Board Chair, combined with the CEO position or otherwise, has been a bone of contention for some time now. Read the discussion and find out if there are compelling reasons to keep the position, or if there are sinister agenda for doing so. 

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Su-Yen Wong's view from Singapore


Su-Yen Wong from the Singapore Institute of Directors offers a personal perspective on the impact of COVID-19.

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Boardroom Matters Vol 3 Book Cover

Learn more about corporate governance systems and structures, board duties and practices, board and gender diversity, and conflicts of interests that boards can face.

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Boardroom Matters Vol 2 Book Cover

Read about corporate governance, stories about directors in deadlock situations, the different committees on boards, and how to build effective boards.

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Inequality in Singapore Book cover

Rapid technological advancement and an expanding global workforce will continue to place huge pressure on wages all over the world, including Singapore. This book discusses candidly the specific challenges we face, and offer some policy recommendations.

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Progressive Labour Practicers to enhance the competitiveness of ASEAN PDF Cover


A study on Progressive Labour Practices to Enhance the Competitiveness of ASEAN, conducted by Mercer, on behalf of the ASEAN Ad-Hoc Working Group on Progressive Labour Practices to Enhance the Competitiveness of ASEAN.

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Population Outcomes Book cover

This report looks at Singapore’s future, that is likely to be dominated by an ageing population and a labour force growing at a much slower rate, and the measures we can take to adapt.

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How Digital Is Your Business Book Cover

With the speed of digitisation, how do you ensure that your company stays relevant? Find out how to use digital technology to remain competitive.

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Video Series | Events

Join 4 board directors and Prof. Jose Luis Alvarez at the INSEAD Directors Forum as they discuss the pressing issues and increasing complexities faced by boards today, including how to approach mounting social-political issues, the adoption of new technology in the age of digitalisation, and the legacy of organisations.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Talent Retention, are critical to a company’s growth and continued success. To build resilience in the workforce, Su-Yen and Associate Professor Tan Joo Seng discuss the issues that companies face, with host Ahmed Mazhari, President of Microsoft Asia.

What does it take to make it to the top and to accelerate the progress of women? Join the conversation moderated by Courtenay Myers Lima at the 11th Women's Forum for the Economy & Society and learn from Claire Dorland Clauzel, Marianne Laigneau, Diane de Saint Victor, and Su-Yen Wong.

Singaporeans enjoy one of the longest lifespans in the world today, and are one of the most rapidly ageing societies in the world. Su-Yen moderates this discussion on how Singapore’s ageing economy can continue to thrive in a globalised world with panelists Ravi Menon and Sean Tan.

How are our lives transforming with the ever-increasing integration of machines at work? Join Su-Yen and other Think Tank by Adobe thought leaders to consider a future where people and machines work seamlessly together, redefining our experiences at work and in our everyday lives.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has been thrust into the spotlight during COVID-19 and amid a deepening climate crisis. Learn more about ESG from the Boardroom, Newsroom, and communications perspective.

Video Series | The Advisors Collective

Learn how to reset reward frameworks to fit the new world; align reward systems to maximise value for money and reinforce organisation purpose; and equip managers to achieve behaviour change by winning hearts and minds.

Discover how to hire effectively without ever meeting candidates; leverage the pandemic to re-invent recruitment; manage a workforce that is both remote and in the office; and appraise performance for a split workforce.

Discuss the structural and systemic changes required; what HR can do to help these changes; the organisation culture and leadership imperatives for new times; and how leaders and individuals can cope with the changes ahead.

Video Series | Collaborators

Careers look like a maze with many blind turns and roadblocks. Su-Yen shares her insights on how to navigate a career reinvention with Abhijit Bhaduri, host of the Dreamers & Unicorns Show.

Su-Yen shares her outlook on the growing COVID-19 crisis as well as her perspective on the juxtaposition of work and home-life as a leader with Leong Chee Tung, CEO and co-founder of EngageRocket.

In this episode of 'Growth Mindset Conversations' with host Manbir Kaur, Su-Yen shares her experience reinventing herself and how it can help you in your professional and personal growth.

In this Masterclass by PeopleStrong hosted by Kiran Kumar, Su-Yen shares her experience navigating past crises, how HR has evolved, and what HR teams can do now to transform their organisation.

In this discussion hosted by YPO (the Young Presidents' Organisation), Harjit Gill, Grace Ho, and Su-Yen discuss challenges that they have faced in their careers as women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and how they overcame them.

Much of the “Future of Work” has been brought forward, exacerbated by the global pandemic. To help make sense of future work trends and how career services teams will need to evolve, Larry Medina, Eugene Goh, and Su-Yen share their advice.


How to Secure Your First Board PositionSID Governance Series
00:00 / 33:47

How to secure your first board role with Howie Lau

SID Governance Series

Are you a senior tech executive wondering how to level up with a board position? Why would they appoint you? And what would be the expectations, risks and rewards once you actually make it onto one? Find out in this latest instalment of the XA Governance Series.

938withYasmin-Su-Yen-Wong-092021938fm with Yasmin Jonkers
00:00 / 15:29

Future Talent of Singapore

CIPD Podcast

In this episode of XX Files with Yasmin Jonkers on CNA938, Su-Yen shares insights on what it takes to be a good leader. Listen to find out if there are differences between being a great leader in an organisation compared to a leader in a family.

KeyNote Women SpeakersSpeakersU Podcast with James Taylor
00:00 / 37:06

KeyNote Women Speakers

Speakers U Podcast with James Taylor

Get behind the process of writing a book with Su-Yen, as she shares the power that comes with co-authoring a book with her fellow KeyNote Women Speakers, in this podcast with host James Taylor. 

Influence: Women on BoardsMoney FM 89.3FM
00:00 / 15:51

Influence: Women on Boards

Money FM 89.3

In this episode of Lunch with Aunty, Su-Yen shares her journey from musician to multi-hyphenate, why it's important to use the left AND right side of the brain, and her hourglass knowledge template, with host Hannah Sheehy. 

Future Talent of Singapore - CIPDCIPD Podcast
00:00 / 18:20

Future Talent of Singapore

CIPD Podcast

Listen to the discussion hosted by CIPD on how to plan for the Future of Talent in Singapore, in this podcast with Foo Chek Wee, Clarence Hoe, and Su-Yen. 

Leaders Of The Future - The Business Station 89.9fmThe Business Station 89.9FM
00:00 / 24:13

Leaders of the Future

The Business Station 89.9FM

In this podcast, join host Christine Wong and Su-Yen Wong as they discuss the jobs of the future, industrial revolution 4.0, how Asian leaders are seen on a global scale, and what Southeast Asian leaders’ approaches have been to the hot topic of company diversity.

Supporting Directors since 1998Channel News Asia - Daily Cuts
00:00 / 15:58

Supporting Directors since 1998

Channel NewsAsia | Daily Cuts

The Singapore Institute of Directors (SID) marks its 25th anniversary and Work It hosts Cheryl Goh and Stanley Leong look at the institute's milestones and upcoming initiatives as well revisit what the primary role and key functions of directors are.

Hearing Directly from the Directors' MouthsChannel News Asia - Daily Cuts
00:00 / 17:34

Hearing Directly from the Directors' Mouth

Channel NewsAsia | Daily Cuts

What qualities and skills are essential in order to be a successful director? Two directors, Shai Ganu and Wong Su-Yen weigh in and also tell how directors contribute to the overall strategic direction and decision-making process of the management of companies. They speak with Work It hosts, Stanley Leong and Cheryl Goh.

Governance and Directorship

Human Capital

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