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In a world of increasing complexity and volatility, the role of the director has never been more demanding. Yet, it has never been more critical.

Rapid technological advancements, environmental crises, geopolitical tensions and shifting workforce dynamics have painted a picture of an ever-changing landscape that directors must navigate.



Su-Yen regularly shares her insights on the future of work, corporate governance, business leadership, and human capital issues with media from around the world, as evidenced by a 3-minute montage from various interviews.


She is a regular media commentator and contributor on topics such as the future of work and reinvention, corporate governance, leadership, and lifestyle.


If you would like Su-Yen to share her insights and perspectives with your audience on your TV or radio show, podcast, print, or online publication, please reach out.


Additionally, featuring Su-Yen can help amplify your outreach to her ~30,000 followers online.



CNBC Managing Asia

Su-Yen discusses the intensifying war for skilled talent in Asia, talent segmentation, and talent development with Christine Tan in "Managing Asia", CNBC’s award-winning programme featuring prominent CEOs and leaders of top companies in Asia. 

First Look Asia

Managing a multi-generational workforce is a top disruptor in Singapore and globally. Su-Yen and Leong CheeTung discuss the future of work, how to navigate the disruption, and the impact of analytics and big data on the workplace with Lance Alexander.

Singapore Review

Singapore Review 2016, moderated by Gaurav Keerthi, invites Minister of State Chee Hong Tat, NCMP Leon Perera, Prof David Chan, Su-Yen Wong, and Shamir Rahim to reflect on and discuss race and meritocracy, broader definitions of success, and reinvention.

Not Business As Usual

Su-Yen shares her views on how to navigate fast evolving technologies, tight labour markets for SMEs, and how a company’s culture will affect and attract millennials.

Singapore Review

Singapore Review 2017, moderated by John Leong, invites Douglas Foo, Prof Eugene Tan, Su-Yen Wong, and Muhd Faizal Othman to discuss MRT disruptions, the Singapore Parliament mid-term, terrorism in Singapore, and the Committee for the Future Economy.

SMU CNA Perspective

Brajesh Panth, Prof Arnoud de Meyer, Su-Yen Wong, and Pranav Seth discuss disruption on Channel NewsAsia's flagship programme 'Perspectives', moderated by Teymoor Nabili.

CNBC YPO Global Pulse Survey

Su-Yen Wong addresses CEO confidence levels across regions as revealed by the YPO Global Pulse Survey, a global CEO economic sentiment survey conducted on a quarterly basis with Dan Murphy on The Rundown, CNBC.

First Look Asia

Amid a softer economic outlook in 2017, what are employers looking for and what should candidates focus on? Su-Yen and Grant Torrens share insights with Teresa Tang and Lance Alexander.

983Fm Saturday Morning with Su-Yen Wong and Fermin Diez

Glenn van Zutphen and award-winning author Neil Humphreys speak to Su-Yen Wong and Fermin Diez about their recent running the Polar Circle Half Marathon in Greenland.

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