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Thursday Tapestry: Behind Boardroom Doors, My Origin Story, and An Epic Adventure

On 12 January, winter storms across the US resulted in over 2,000 flights canceled and nearly 6,000 delayed. I was there.

Massive thanks for the fantastic responses to last month's newsletter! Your warm feedback caught me off guard, and I'm genuinely grateful for all your emails and comments. Your enthusiasm fuels the creative journey. Now, let's dive in…


Quote of the Day

“I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours." Often attributed to Lewis Carroll, author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, it reminds us that everyone's perception of reality is different. And everyone's journey is unique.


Demystifying the Boardroom

Why do boards exist? What are pathways to becoming a board director? How many boards is too many? And what do boards do anyway? Join me for this brisk dialog with Crispina Robert and Adrian Tan on Channel News Asia's Work It podcast where we discussed these topics and more. Go on, take a peek behind the boardroom doors.


Thanks for the Love!

This post I shared on LinkedIn generated a lot of interest. I guess you could say it's my origin story...


Fantasy vs. Reality

2024 is being called out as THE election year with around 49% of the global population heading to the polls in at least 64 countries. The rise of generative AI means voters will be increasingly challenged to discern fake from fact. Can you tell the difference between a real image and an AI-generated image? I scored 60%. It was tough! Test yourself here


An Unplanned Adventure

An Arctic blast has been sweeping across the United States, with temperatures plummeting to as low as minus 40 degrees (at that level Fahrenheit and Celsius are identical). The National Weather Service warned that "travel could be nearly impossible". Relive my epic adventure and what went down in my three-part diary of a stranded traveller.


Can You Relate?

Finally, an oldie but goodie that comes back to the notion of different realities. Have a laugh at the universal comedy of communication!

That's it for this month! Can't wait to catch up again next month with more insights, stories, and laughs.

If these snippets have added a bit of sparkle to your day, feel free to share this with someone who might appreciate it. 


P.S. Your feedback makes this newsletter shine, so keep it coming! Just comment.


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