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Thursday Tapestry: Learning from Madonna and LeBron, Strategizing Your Life, Running for a Cause, and a Chuckle!

We ran a half marathon as part of our training plan for the Chicago Marathon in October and to support an important cause. Keen to join us?

It's almost time to bid goodbye to April, and this issue marks five fantastic months of Thursday Tapestry! I promised you an eclectic mix of content and this month is no different. Ready?


Madonna's Secret to Success

The music industry is remarkably fickle. And then there's Madonna. Her career has spanned four decades and she is the best-selling female artist of all time. What's her secret? "I think the most controversial thing I've ever done is to stick around. I have seen many stars appear and disappear, like shooting stars. But my light will never fade." Note to self: Go the distance.


The Old Game

What can LeBron James - one of the greatest basketball players of all time - teach us about adapting ourselves to remain at the top of our game? Whether or not you're into basketball, the data here is compelling! 


Your Life, Your Strategy

I spent several decades crafting strategies for some of the world's largest, most complex organisations. Here's a framework you can use to apply corporate strategy techniques to your life strategy. Watch the HBR video here


Our Collective Challenge

Last weekend, Fermin and I laced up our shoes for a half marathon as part of our training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October to support a cause close to our hearts: the World Wildlife Fund. Would you like to join us? Okay... we'll do the run, you can help conserve our planet, habitats, and species like the panda and tiger. We're in this together.


A Moment of Laughter

This comic made me smile! It perfectly illustrates the law of unintended consequences.

That's it for this month! Can't wait for our next chat, packed with more insights, stories, and, of course, plenty of smiles. Until then, stay tuned and keep those chuckles coming!


If these snippets have brightened your day, feel free to share them with someone who could use a little lift.


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