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Thursday Tapestry: Career Shifts, OpenAI, Art, and a Dash of Humor!

I'm super excited to kick off our very first official monthly newsletter! It's been a long time coming, and thanks to input from many of you via our recent LinkedIn poll, we're finally here. Your feedback has been - and will continue to be - the guiding star so let's dive into this month's gems!


A Quote I'm Pondering…

From Epictetus, the Greek stoic philosopher, "Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle. Some things are within your control. And some things are not." It's such a powerful nudge, reminding us to focus our energy wisely. 


A Gem on Career Shifts

I stumbled upon this insightful article in the Harvard Business Review, "Why Career Transition Is So Hard," by Herminia Ibarra who offers unconventional advice about what it takes to pivot. It's a fresh perspective that might just redefine how you approach your next career leap. Got you curious? Take a peek here.


My Latest Buzz-Creating Post

Recently, I shared a post on LinkedIn that's stirred up quite the conversation. It's about the Sam Altman saga at OpenAI and lessons for board directors. What's your take? Join the conversation here.


Singapore's Story on Canvas

My friend, Yip Yew Chong, has created a stunning 60-metre long masterpiece which captures scenes and stories of our city from the '70s and '80s. If you're in Singapore through 1 January, don't miss this! It's on display 10am to 8pm daily at Raffles City Convention Centre. Here's a 12-second preview and check out his incredible work.


A Dash of Humor

And now, for a quick chuckle that also makes a serious point about rewards and unintended consequences.

That's it for this month! Can't wait to catch up again next month with more insights, stories, and laughs. If this isn't of interest to you, no worries - just unsubscribe. But if these snippets have added a bit of sparkle to your day, feel free to share this with someone who might appreciate it. 


P.S. Your feedback makes this newsletter shine, so keep it coming! Just hit reply.


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