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Thursday Tapestry: The End of Work, Embracing AI, and Designing Your Future

"Why Not? Thinking about Singapore's Tomorrow." It's a 572-page tome, brought to life by 45 authors - from teenagers to octogenarians.

Grateful for the massive turnout at the launch of "Why Not? Thinking about Singapore's Tomorrow." It's a 572-page tome, brought to life by 45 authors - from teenagers to octogenarians. My essay focuses on a vision for transformative boards. More details including the full list of essay titles and authors here.

The year is racing by as quickly as a cheetah in full sprint! I've gathered a couple of thought-provoking reads along with a bit of humour, as usual. Let's get started!


The End of Work As We Know It

How do we find purpose in a post-work existence? Can we thrive without a job? Have we conflated meaning and money? Avital Balwit, Chief of Staff at Anthropic, one of AI's hottest startups, thinks her days are numbered and she explores these issues in this thought-provoking exploration of a future where purpose is reimagined. I recommend you read it. 


The Future is Here!

According to LinkedIn's Economic Graph, 75% of knowledge workers worldwide already use generative AI tools at work. In fact, the level of AI usage has doubled in the past six months, and since late last year, there has been a 142-fold increase in the number of LinkedIn members adding AI skills to their profiles. Are you an avid AI leader or a die-hard laggard?


Are you prepared?

Besides shifting more work to AI, companies are simultaneously increasing the use of freelancers with specialised skills to complement their internal workforce. What are the risks and opportunities if you're a corporate employee? Should you join the swelling ranks of high-revenue freelancers?


Take Action

If you are keen to design a life beyond the corporate path, I'm excited to announce a special workshop - 'Me, Myself & My Vision: A Solo Strategy' - to help you clarify your aspirations and assess if solopreneurship is for you. Joining us will be Adrian Tan, author of “No More Bosses: The Journey to Sustainable Self-Employment” who will provide practical advice and insights for anyone considering a similar path. Given the interactive nature of the workshop, capacity is necessarily limited. Register your interest here and be the first to get access when we open for sign-ups.


AI Feature Brings Laughs

I suppose we can take comfort that for now, AI doesn't always get it right - here's a perfect example!

AI don't always get things right!

That's it for this month! Looking forward to our next chat, packed with more insights, stories, and, of course, plenty of smiles. If you've found these insights valuable, please share them with others who might appreciate them.


P.S. Your feedback is what makes this newsletter shine! So, don't be shy – comment and share your thoughts!


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