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"A trusted advisor for Board Members, C-suite executives, and high flyers from MNCs and large local corporations"

Su-Yen Wong, a speaker, advisor, board director in Singapore

Hello, I'm Su-Yen.

I started out as a musician... a pianist to be precise. Opportunities to study music professionally in Singapore didn't really exist at the time, so I left for the US at the age of 16 and ultimately graduated with a degree in music and computer science. That set in motion a lifetime of exploration across domains, and a never-ending quest to connect the dots. 


At the time, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to serve as an advisor to CEOs of a blue chip list of clients around the world, including many companies on the Fortune 500. I certainly couldn't have anticipated that I would some day advise on the salaries of the President, Prime Minister, and other political appointment holders in Singapore!


I never dreamed that I would be invited to contribute my insights as a thought leader. Or that I would be asked to share my perspectives with global media - on topics as wide-ranging as the future of work, corporate governance, and human capital. How could I, a musician, possibly have contemplated that I would one day have the privilege of serving as a board director for billion-dollar companies across multiple continents?  And while being a professional speaker arguably bears some resemblance to performing on stage as a pianist, that, too, never made it onto my radar.  


Three decades on, I am finally starting to get comfortable with being described as a multi-hyphenate who straddles multiple worlds. My focus is on bringing together my accumulated experiences and helping audiences around the world navigate the intersection of technology, strategy, and leadership. In a nutshell, I help organisations and leaders reinvent themselves. 


My quest to stretch beyond my comfort zone has taken me to some of the most remote parts of the world, including Antarctica and Timbuktu. I have also been training for Everest Base Camp in support of mental health and resilience. 

I'd love to help you and your organisation scale new heights and transform for the future.




Su-Yen regularly shares her insights on the future of work, corporate governance, business leadership, and human capital issues with media from around the world. Here's a 3-minute montage from various interviews.


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Javed Hashmi testimonial on Su-Yen Wong

Javed Hashmi, Manager, Product, World 50, Inc.

Carlo Caimi headshot

Carlo Caimi, Vice President Business Operations - EMEA, APAC and Japan, Oracle

I have collaborated with Su-Yen several times, producing events for C-suite executives where she was a guest speaker. I am left in awe at her ability to connect with a wide variety of audience members on subjects as varied as the cultural specificities in the APAC region to the future of work across the globe. She has a supernatural ability to connect the dots between disparate themes and topics.

Su-Yen delivered an inspirational session to my team. Future of work and change (both professional and personal) were at the center of the discussion. A really enjoyable, insightful and actionable session that will shape the future of my organisation and the leadership team who's driving the change.


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