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Things will never be the same again

Covid-19 has finally accomplished in a matter of months what organizations have been trying to do for years. Let's highlight four areas.

  1. Leveraging technology: As business trips and customer events are postponed, and internal training and team meetings get cancelled, we are embedding - and embracing - video conferencing, digital learning, and remote working like never before.

  2. Abolishing face-time culture: Across Asia there remains a tendency, among managers and staff alike, to value face-to-face contact. COVID-19 is the largest experiment in flexible working we've undertaken to date, with companies mandating staggered work schedules, split teams, and work-from-home arrangements. For many, add home-schooling to the mix! This mass experiment is proving that indeed, work can get done off-site. And this could in turn could have a positive impact on diversity and inclusion.

  3. Improving employee wellness: Given escalating healthcare costs, employers were already experimenting with all sorts of ways to incentivize health behaviors. The problem? The Yoga/Zumba/meditation classes are often poorly attended, and we've all heard of crafty (and competitive) individuals who put their step trackers on the dog! While our observations are anecdotal, we've been seeing a lot more people hit the (local) hiking trails of late. Furthermore, there seems to be a great focus on self-reflection and self-care.

  4. Ensuring robust business continuity plans and risk management frameworks: It's one thing to have beautiful plans on paper; it's quite another to go beyond table-top exercises and ensuring there are mechanisms in place to deal with very real issues such as key man risk or supply chain disruption. Every one of our businesses now live testing these frameworks.

The longer we operate under the shadow of Covid-19, the more likely these behaviours and practices become the new normal. Let us take this opportunity to reexamine past assumptions, reflect on possibilities moving forward, and hit the reset button.


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